Ready to buy a home? This process can be confusing and challenging, even if you’ve bought before, and choosing an experienced Realtor to represent you from start to close is one way to ensure the entire experience not only goes smoothly but with your interested represented in the best way. With all of the options out there for you to choose from, here are a few of the ways we stand out.

Costs – What costs?

As the buyer, there is no cost for you to use a Real Estate Agent. We are compensated by the Seller, so you get all of the benefits of working with an experienced, top-notch agent without the price tag.


Through the entire process, we’re here to represent you. From negation on price to the inspection and legalities, we’re your ally in making sure that everything goes smoothly with you in the best possible position come closing.


  • Pricing – As a team we have been a part of over 1600 transactions in Colorado and we are experts in not only the Colorado market, but negotiations as well.
  • Inspection Issues – Having an experienced agent that knows how to navigate any issues that may come up in inspection is crucial. Understanding what is important and what you can negotiate with the sellers is the key.

Example – we recently worked with a buyer and in the inspection process it was determined there were issues with the roof. Lisa Blake negotiated a seller concession of $4,000 back to our buyers to get the roof fixed. If not properly discovered and in turn negotiated the cost to fix the roof of that home would’ve fallen on the buyers. A perfect example of how not working with the right agent can cost you thousands in the long run!

Finding the Perfect Home

Inventory is a huge issue in Colorado currently, and we have a couple of ways of addressing that for our buyers.

  • Home Search – The Blake Team has a custom-built home search site that pulls directly from the MLS and can send updates immediately to our buyers when a new home is listed or a current home changes its price. Online sites such as Zillow and do NOT have a direct feed from the MLS and often homes are not updated in a timely manner, or at all! We are constantly receiving calls from browsers interested in homes that are under contract or already sold. This can be extremely frustrating!
  • Listening – When you tell us you want to be in this particular neighborhood, with these particular features, we listen. Your wish list then becomes what we’re searching for in the currently listed homes, as well as those coming on the market so that when your perfect home is available we know it. Additionally, our agents go door knocking in specific neighborhoods to try and find potential homes that are not yet listed.


Your agent has an entire team of specialists in support, not just a team of other agents but a group of people who are experts in different areas of the buying process. For example, you’ll have a professional transaction coordinator that handles the paperwork from under contract to close, to GUARANTEE a smooth transaction. And we have salaried staff members answering the phone 7 days a week. You will ALWAYS be able to reach us any time. We work nights, weekends, whenever you need us. Seriously – TRY IT! 😊 303-900-7200

Follow Through

The Blake Team is your partner for the entire process, not just until we are under contract or until we close. And that makes all the difference:

  1. We are highly reviewed across the web by our clients. Read some of our reviews here.
  2. In addition to our endorsements, our team has been locally and nationally recognized as one of the Top Real Estate Groups.

The main reason we are so highly reviewed is because we treat our clients like family. We know that there are many options and we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. To show our appreciation we throw 3-4 client appreciation events a year that include giveaways, food, drink, and entertainment. Learn more here (we have a video). Each event has been bigger and more widely attended than the previous one as our family continues to grow. The Blake Team is one of the fastest growing teams in the Country!

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